"Star Vision Now"-Talks with Lonsdale

Join our Star Genesis Wisdom Circle - FALL SERIES

3 "One-Night" Teleclasses
Tuesdays: OCT 7, NOV 4, DEC 2, 2014 
Time: 9pm-11pm EST 
Cost: $30 per Teleclass - Downloadable recording included in price.
You do not have to be on the call to receive the recording.


Recordings Available - past "Star Vision Now" classes at www.dolivpublishing.com 
Including recent January 7th, February 4th, March 4th, April 2nd, May 6th, June 3rd, July 1st, August 5th and September 2nd Teleclass Recordings

Star Vision Now... "The Critical Mass Point—the impact of change is here. Everything is up; nothing remains as it was. It is time to shift our relation to the world and to our self."Lonsdale. 

Star Vision Now is an ongoing series of monthly, one-night teleclasses designed to light up our own star coordinates for the journey into the changes, into our hearts, and into Aquaria. Each class unravels mysteries, taps the wisdom of the Earth, the planets, and the stars. The insights are refreshing, expansive, and profound. Star Talks activate the deep will and "something" indescribable inside the soul! 


  • Inroads to your true nature
  • Keys to your destiny
  • Elixir of transformation
  • Support for the journey
  • Courage to embrace the future

Join Us... The Year of the Horse is out of the gate and galloping into a new season—autumn. 2014 is the year we get to come back to life—this is the year we get to regenerate and change like never before. Join our Circle and explore the energies that are shifting our lives, the world, and our Earth.

No astrology background or prior classes necessary!


LATEST RELEASE By Lonsdale - The Christ Letters

Christ is here—alive and in spirit within the Earth’s ethers, leading us onward in evolution. These letters carry that Christ current. They transport us, and at last, we come to know Him and speak His language, which arises within each of us as our leading impulse. 

Many, through the centuries, have come to worship and identify Christ through a false filter. It is now imperative for Christ to be freed of all authoritarian and rigid connections flowing through such a filter so that He can be met in truth. The hour we have all been waiting for is at hand.

Star Genesis Wisdom

The Star Genesis Map is under construction. Check back soon for the interactive map. Please visit other areas of our website...

Star Genesis Prayer

Star Genesis starts with a prayer.
This goes forth to all the heavens…

May I shine with the same constancy as Thee.
May I find throughout thy heavens thy will for me,
And live this will as Thou would if Thou became me.
May I know the path I walk as good and true.
May Thy light illuminate each step,
So where I go I meet Thee.
And where I come to may I find Thee always already there,
Twinkling through every star unto me evermore.

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