13 Astrological Houses — A Spiritual Revelation

Recorded: October 11 thru November 8, 2022

Oriental New Year UPDATE 2022 – Year of the Tigress

Recorded: July 28, 2022

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Perfectly Timed Conversation w/ Sheila~Shestarah

13 Holy Nights 2023 — The Threshold into our Future

A 3 Night Teleseries with Ellias Lonsdale
Dates: December 6-8, 2022
Time: 8-10pm EST. 7-9pm CST. 6-8 MST. 5-7 PST. 3-5 HST.
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The wonder, awe, and mystery of the sacred season of the 13 Holy Nights, also known as the Christmas tide, is approaching. This year the Holy Grail will be the guiding star; the star that can take us by the hand and lead us to that place inside we feel so called to, so summoned to enter. It’s that feeling that no matter how far we have come, no matter what gifts and talents we are expressing, there is a deep sense, an almost restless sense that there is something else, something we can’t quite fully access but only feel. 2023, embodying the essence of the number 7, that almighty force, the whisper of the mystery, will open the door to that “something else”. And from there we can embark upon a new journey, with new coordinates, and a rejuvenating elixir from the Future to carry us through.

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