13 Holy Nights 2023 — The Threshold into our Future

A 3 Night Teleseries with Ellias Lonsdale
Dates: December 6-8, 2022
Time: 8-10pm EST. 7-9pm CST. 6-8 MST. 5-7 PST. 3-5 HST.
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The wonder, awe, and mystery of the sacred season of the 13 Holy Nights, also known as the Christmas tide, is approaching. This year the Holy Grail will be the guiding star; the star that can take us by the hand and lead us to that place inside we feel so called to, so summoned to enter. It’s that feeling that no matter how far we have come, no matter what gifts and talents we are expressing, there is a deep sense, an almost restless sense that there is something else, something we can’t quite fully access but only feel. 2023, embodying the essence of the number 7, that almighty force, the whisper of the mystery, will open the door to that “something else”. And from there we can embark upon a new journey, with new coordinates, and a rejuvenating elixir from the Future to carry us through.

Understanding the 13 Holy Nights

The 13 Holy Nights, starting at the end of December and traveling through the first days of January every year give a strong feeling for the year ahead. Each of the 12 Holy Nights, starting on December 25th, corresponds to a particular theme, currents, and star cycles that will occur in each of the 12 calendar months. The 13th Holy Night, January 6th, is Epiphany, and it is on this night where all the Holy Nights converge like Beings around a table weaving an opening into the mystery inside the coming year, offering an extraordinary gift for each soul. The Holy Nights are a portal into the year ahead, carrying a cosmic charge that can only be accessed at this depth during this time.

The Holy Grail

2023 is an especially potent year. This is the year the Grail resurfaces from a lost time and space, one still etched in our souls but lost to our remembrance. Once upon a time, in a land far away, existing between the worlds, there was a Grail Castle, and in this castle, we began to tap our creative fire to find the one called Christ in and through us. We began to take up the Grail Quest, but only to a degree. Forces and karmas took over in a sense and the castle grew thick with bramble. We lost the path to the entrance of the castle, most of us anyway. However, in 2023 the Faerie beings, the Angels, a host of Cosmic Forces in tandem with Mother Earth have relandscaped the entrance to the castle. And it is here we can now return. For it has been a long journey back.

The Series

We will focus on key planets going retrograde and direct, solar and lunar eclipses, intense star cycles, and other such markers in the sky. We will work with the degree frequencies influencing each of the months corresponding to the Holy Nights, giving us the medicine for this powerful, long-awaited moment, and what it means for us. As well, we will be touching on the influence of an ultimate heralding time, the Year of the Cat as she will be presiding over Oriental New Year 2023.

What we will Explore

  • The Grail Star.
  • The return to the Grail Castle.
  • A tune up or tune in of our deeper, subtle senses.
  • The Saturn return of the Triple Death, influencing our future impulse.
  • Each month as it corresponds to its particular Holy Night.
  • The heralding of the Age of Aquaria.

Join Us

This is a journey that can truly be likened to the one the Magi’s experienced. We are not referencing the outer journey on camels bringing gifts to the Christ Child, but rather the inner journey that even they had to make, ones that spanned lifetimes to be able to take the journey at all. And we, too, have journeyed lifetimes to arrive at this moment together on this call. The destiny Christmas wind is warmly upon us. It is time.


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