13 Holy Nights 2024 — What it Means to be Human

A 3 Night Teleseries with Ellias Lonsdale
Dates: December 5, 6 & 7, 2023
Time: 8-10pm EST. 7-9pm CST. 6-8 MST. 5-7 PST. 3-5 HST.
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Oh Come all ye Faithful strummed through my heart as I woke the other day. I sensed a reminder from the 13 Holy Nights wanting to come through. I went to the colorful majestic woods to listen. What I gleaned is that it is going to take a deep unwavering, unshakable faith in ourselves to meet, work with, and stay with the guiding streams of light and energy coming in 2024. A tremendous release of many facets is upon us as well as the way to move forward into the stages of entering the Age of Aquaria. This is a moment to be wide awake, and a class not to be missed.

How it Works

The 13 Holy Nights, starting at the end of December and traveling through the first days of January every year give a map and strong feeling for the year ahead. Each of the 12 Holy Nights, starting on December 25th, corresponds to a particular theme, currents, and star cycles that will occur in each of the 12 calendar months. The 13th Holy Night, January 6th, is Epiphany, and it is on this night where all the Holy Nights weave together a gaze into that ah hah moment, sparking a sense of wonder and a burning desire to carry through. The Holy Nights are a portal into the year ahead. They are a gift. Let us open them together.

Series Headlines

  • January: Pluto moves into the sign of Aquarius. Pluto is determined to develop a mode of consciousness to work with future forces. Much looms here.
  • February: The Year of the Dragon. Magical expanding awareness. Somebody in us is burning to come through. Dragon medicine.
  • March: Pluto in Aquarius conjunct the Dragon Year. We will be walking the far edge. On the verge of many great things. The boogey man is not real. Evolution is. Keep walking on.
  • April: Easter tide. The Sun cracks through. The quest continues. Can we rise?
  • May: Jupiter is conjunct Uranus in the future directed degree 22 Taurus. Here we have a momentum to expand consciousness. A time to look forward, sense what is to be and put into practice all we have learned through lifetimes. Taurus reveals an elixir of remembrance of the New Earth mysteries.
  • June: Jupiter moves into Gemini as the Sun moves into Gemini. What is inwardly ripe and ready despite the distractions of summer. This is the time to teach ourselves new skills and attitudes that send our world forward.
  • July: Saturn turns around in 20 degrees Pisces. Neptune travels to the brink of Aries. Chiron turns retrograde in 24 degrees of Aries. A lot going on. The Saturn crisis is being able to connect with Grace when karma knocks. The Neptunian far-edge is finding the resolve to complete what we have begun. Chiron throws his ultimatum in the ring.
  • August: Jupiter in 18 degrees Gemini squares Saturn in 18 degrees Pisces. We will attract what energizes Jupiter and what discourages Saturn. Saturn testing action involves coming up against our aloneness, long-standing grief, and traumas. A bittersweet cup. We will be compelled to open the space ahead and move that way.
  • September: Pluto moves back into Capricorn until November 19th for our final review. Here we discover our realizations about turning things back on ourselves. Time to cut loose from all self-imposed and self-generated self-negation. Getting down to it no matter what.
  • October: Eclipse season. Each eclipse represents the Sun and Moon coming to the next octave of their perpetual dance. Curves and twists. A chance to discover how to turn everything into metamorphic catalysts.
  • November: Uranus is in 25 degrees of Taurus for weeks on end. A degree of immense remembrance of what got us to this point and what can bring us to a whole new wave. Here we will need to learn how to truly see ourselves which can be challenging.
  • December: This month comes in two waves. Mars moves back into 7 degrees of Leo insisting we move with ourselves and not against. A new Mars will step up with a path leading beyond the forever wars. How can the masculine recover his lost soul and not feel absolutely insulted that he has been found out? Humility, faith, self-love, soul recovery, and compassion around the corner by the massive pine tree. You can’t miss it!

The 13th Holy Night is Neptune in 28 degrees Pisces. We will listen to a hoard of monkeys chattering. They want to tell us how the initiation that is in 2025, the Year of the Snake, is calling us toward the innermost journey of the soul, the one we have prepared for forever. – Ellias Lonsdale

Join Us

Come sit around the circle with us under the bright stars. Feel the glow of the Christmas tree and smell the balsam as we embark on a timeline of the Hero’s Journey.

Ellias & the Goddess!


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