Moon Pulse—Living on the Dark Side of the Moon : 8 Week Teleseries

When: September 21 to November 9, 2017 Thursday
Time: 8-10 pm EST; 5-7 pm PST; 6-8 pm MST
Cost: $295 until September 21st ($45 individual classes). Prices increases to $335 on September 21st.
Downloadable recordings are included with each class and sent the next day.
You do not have to be on the call in order to register and receive the recording.

Who is he?

From Lonsdale’s original Mystery School with a small group of students in Bonny Doon, California to thousands of Star Readings to an anthology of Star Wisdom in multiple books, from the Temples in Atlantis to our modern-day phone lines, Lonsdale brings his life’s work on the Moon forward. A bit of Rudolf Steiner and touch of Dane Rudhyar and a pinch of Willi Sucher and a meld of other astrologically aligned voices merge in this once in a lifetime 8-week teleseries!

What will you learn?

Absolutely nothing like this series is out there… The course material comes from volumes of the 47 years of Lonsdale’s teachings that have come direct from the stars and the inner workings of the Moon. He will teach an intensely experiential Applied Moon Course where you will learn not only how to apply the Moon in your life, but how to live by and with the Moon as well.

Per Ellias, “We will take an unforgettable soul journey into the Moon. The Moon is not outside of us, She’s inside. It’s where everything most vital begins. You can’t stand outside of the Moon in your mind and just look up into the night sky or you will miss the Moon entirely. We need, now more than ever, to understand the navigational coordinates on how to move with the Moon throughout our lives.”

Class Details

An introduction to the series will speak to what Lonsdale has learned by living under the Moon and extending his involvement to encompass the whole of the Living Spirit right there in it. Key experiences happen during group process. The Moon is how people facilitate, support, and encourage each other to make major life changes where otherwise it would not hold the same current.

There will be 2 sessions on Moon Phases, both natal and progressed. What phase of the Moon were you born in and what does it mean? Here you will learn how each one of us can come from out-of-phase contemporary living into an in-phase attunement to the ultimate quintessential Moon pulse. People’s natal and progressed moon phases are the inner gears upon what everything else pivots. The phase you come from at birth is extremely descriptive and is your essential vantage point on life. Here we will get inside of that and get what that really is for each of us. The Progressed Moon Phase is how the Moon shifts in cycles to meet that initial natal vantage point. Understand how the Moon evolves and how it moves in and through you.

Here we will go into the Moon Nodes, the dragon’s breath/dragon’s head and the dragon’s blood/dragon’s tail. There is much misleading information out there about the Moon Nodes. Here Lonsdale will address both Eastern and Western “takes” on the nodes and how they are divergent from the true intent of the Moon Nodes, which is to reveal how to stay true to Self under the Moon.

There will be 2 sessions on Moon degrees. The natal Moon influence is the singular greatest measure for personal distortions and recovering from these in a fashion that is intensely transmutational for life. We will learn how we get lost in the coils of our Moon degrees and how we can awaken and find our way out of the coil and come all the way through the spiral of our degree and land in our multifaceted rich purpose.

The closing session will focus on why the Moon is our one place very few have been able to be free and clear. We will align with how we can actually from this time forward be true, clear, and free—right in the Moon’s salty, watery chambers. Lonsdale will help each person to reimagine what he or she came here to be and see how it’s so colored by the Moon. We have amnesia in the Moon sphere. And in the end, we cultivate the soil of akashic rememberance for why we came. We can dream a new dream and fulfill it.

Join Us As summer merges into fall, as the seasons change, join us for an extraordinary walk inside the Moon. Luna’s breath and light of awareness is waiting to reveal her mysteries unto you. What does the Moon want to show you? Where is She taking you? What and why have you come here? Find out. REGISTER TODAY >

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