Ellias Lonsdale

Ellis Lonsdale headshotEllias Lonsdale, born and raised in New York City, has followed a future-sparked path since the 1960s that soon metamorphosed into a cosmic quest.

Lonsdale was introduced to star vision while traveling the communes of the late 1960s as Sunny Blue Boy. In the early 1970s he studied formal astrology with Marc Edmund Jones and Dean Rudhyar, and it was Rudolf Steiner and Willi Sucher who brought his star work into a cosmic wisdom orientation.

In late 1975 Ellias’ life was forever changed by what he calls “The Atlantean Throne Room Dream.” This prophetic dream took him back to the mystery temples of Atlantis, where he merged with an ancient past self and his origin in the star mysteries. What he brought back with him out of the dream was Star Genesis, the inner wisdom of the stars and their direct guidance from Christ and Sophia, a myriad of spirit sources and angels—all who represent the planets, the constellations, and the degree frequencies that live and speak within us.

In the mid 1980s Ellias introduced an evolutionary edge to star visioning in the Santa Cruz Mountains in what has come to be know as the original mystery school to a group of devoted students, bringing a new energy into ancient star wisdom. Now that original mystery school can be experienced in his current day TeleClasses!

He has nearly half a century in collaboration with the Cosmos and the Deep Earth in evolving the old astrology beyond its medieval premise to encompass the Living Christ through the stars. Ellias has gathered to himself a genuine mastery of his craft and is a New Earth Visionary who practices the art of Star Genesis Wisdom doing Star Activation readings for people all over the world. These star readings are an antidote for the collective-conditioning trance we have been under for centuries. They also serve as the master key that unlocks what lives inside the deep heart of each one. The stars and their activations light up a path inside that brings us home, that encourages us to step into the Earth. Lonsdale’s body of work offers vital nutrients to sustain the physical being, the soul, and the spirit in the inevitable transition and transformation that are upon us.

Another integral link in Lonsdale’s biography is his pioneering work with death. His late wife Sara’s journey of dying of breast cancer became his ultimate spiritual test as he accompanied her in traveling across the threshold and back to Earth again. What he has found through such a destiny is that the Cosmos, the Earth, and Death are in a redemptive relationship with each other and with each of us. He is able to communicate between multiple worlds in wakeful, ordinary consciousness. Spending his life building a bridge to the myriad lost and forgotten places that are part of our wholeness, he offers all that he has found through his books, readings, radio interviews, teleclasses, and in-person gatherings.

Lonsdale is the author of numerous star books and Aquarian guide books—Inside Planets, Inside Degrees, Inside Star Vision, Cosmic Weather Report (with Mark Borax), The Book of Theanna-In the Lands that Follow Death, and The Christ Letters-An Evolutionary Guide Home.