Healing Session with Sheila

Hello, I’m Sheila Marie, also known as Shestarah. I’m passionate about how to heal self and others through multiple dimensions, including astrology, numerology, energy healing, the Sacred Magical Child, death and rebirth, spiritual connection, soul communion, evolution, and destiny. My heart’s desire is to help you find what you most need in the moment. For more details visit ABOUT SESSION below.

What Can Occur in a Session:

  • I will invoke the Liquid Yellow Light within the Ethers to assist you on your healing journey. It is Divine Intelligence, and it knows what you most need and the purpose for which it has brought us together.
  • I will do a grounding ritual/ceremony with you to help you connect and commune with your Sacred Magical Child who is filled with pure innocence, vision, insight, magic, and imagination. Your Sacred Magical Child will teach you how to creatively play with the Universe. •We will enter into and engage in a deeply transformative, healing, and shifting conversation spanning multidimensional realms.
  • We will explore facets of your astrological blueprint that want to speak to us in the moment regarding destiny, purpose, cycles, patterns, karma, or shadow.
  • A message from Nature specific to you will be offered that will further assist you on your life’s adventure.
  • We will explore the Moon Phase you were born under, and you will receive a personal message from the Moon.
  • We may dive into numerology, tarot or another spiritual art if Spirit guides in such a way.

There is not a specific one-size-fits-all process to my work. It is highly individualized. Each person is unique, and your session will be tailored just for you. A session will support and nourish you, while encouraging you to let go of whatever no longer serves. Your soul knows. The Universe awaits and will step in when we step up and say Yes!


Have the perfectly timed conversation. Set your appointment today.

$111 for an hour. $144 for 90 minutes.


I started my psychic journey playing and learning from the woods and the invisible (yet not so invisible) realms as a young girl. I cultivated the ability to hear messages from nature and the Invisible. Everything speaks; everything has a voice when we learn to listen. These were my childhood stomping grounds, my classroom.

I met Ellias Lonsdale in 2010 (in this life). I began working with him intensively, remembering the stars and feeling the heart of Deep Earth. We explored past lives and future lives, excavating my soul and integrating my shadow through many, many readings over the years. With Ellias I learned to listen to the planets, the degree frequencies, the signs and the rhythms. I mustered the courage to shift, allowing once dormant soul faculties to come into my consciousness. He has been my mentor, magician, and friend.

I now work with healing Liquid Yellow Light infused in the Ethers, derived from a spirit training that began 15 years ago. It is divine intelligence and guides me throughout healing sessions. One day many years ago, I looked into the sun, and when I did a large beautiful blue light slid in front of the sun covering it except for about 2 inches around its perimeter. The blue light spun rapidly and pulsed at the same time while the center of the sun opened and streamed Liquid Yellow Light into my crown at a 45-degree angle. It was a stunning moment.

I have called on it since that day. This light lives in the Ethers and comes out in the night, day, fog, and grey. It’s always there. I’ve worked over the years to align with and bring back into resonance my Sacred Magical Child. Each Sacred Magical Child has great vision, imagination and magic with an added dimension of pure innocence. This innocence realizes its connection to a Higher Power and vibrates at the frequency of sweet, high, all-encompassing love. In a session, I will invite and invoke your Sacred Magical Child to come out and play.

I am a 7th house Leo sun! I love the other, human connection, divine connection, all dimensions of connecting. We will talk, play, and maybe even cry. The space between our words will open like portals ushering in what is perfectly timed and orchestrated. Magic will happen, Life will open and speak. I can’t wait to meet you! People are truly my passion.