Intensive Planetary Insights—the 4 Giants in the Sky

4 Intensive Sessions over 2 weeks with Ellias Lonsdale and what it means for us.
Dates: April 18, 19 (Classes 1 & 2) and April 25, 26 (Classes 3 & 4), 2023
Time: 8-10pm EST. 7-9pm CST. 6-8 MST. 5-7 PST. 3-5 HST.
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$199 – Classes + Recordings
$256 – Classes, Recordings + Transcripts
$189 Transcripts Only
You do not have to be live on the call to purchase and receive recordings.
The recording will be sent direct to your inbox within 24 hours. Transcripts via email within 48-72 hours after each class.

Class Notes from Ellias

The living future is at stake, for there are bright stars and dark stars. A bright star is on the horizon for all of us. In order to meet that bright star, we must finish course correcting and move onward from the last remnants of our shadows.

We face a collectively feared dark star built on distorted frequencies of an extreme technocracy that is losing its soul. This is why we need to come together now to gather our soul force to link with the real living future and cast off the spellbinding grief.

53 years of star work go into revisioning of the 3 giants in the firmament (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) and the one who blocks their way (Saturn).

  • SATURN. We must confront Saturn moving into Pisces and recognize what the Old Heavens would make of this passage, and what Saturn asks of us now.
  • URANUS. When we open deeply into Uranus in Taurus, its progression through the last half of the degree frequencies leads us forward in ways we haven’t fathomed yet.
  • NEPTUNE. In the last stages of Neptune in Pisces, we are transitioning between the ages. We will tune up the vehicle and dissolve the false call of tribal karmas.
  • PLUTO. This spring finds Pluto moving into Aquarius long enough to show us what is coming. While it may reflect a dark star on the outside, we will harvest its bright star on the inside.

Join Us

4 sessions, each one filled with insights from a master practitioner of the sacred magical art of Star Genesis. 53 years of Ellias’s star gazing culminates now upon the threshold into the Age of Aquaria. There is an end of a story here. The end of an age. And a new one beginning. For all of us. Join us and receive the course syllabus from the 4 giants in the sky. Thank you!

ShestaraH’s Notes

A timeline of our history and evolution stands together on opposite sides of the doorway. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto on one side are calling, getting louder, wanting to send the energy frequency, the instructions of how to gracefully move onward into the next Age. Just waiting to reconnect the Remembrance we forgot long ago so we could become fully human, an embodiment of Love. Becoming human is messy and beautiful and takes many lifetimes to finally get there. During our visits to planet Earth, we have learned many things, some of which were light filled and others dark filled.

Eventually, we lost our way, we forgot who we were, and have been going through every torrent to return home to Self. We are at the threshold looking into the eyes of Saturn in Pisces who says, if you can stand before me in self-love of all that you have been through and all that you have experienced, I will give to you my gift of inner hearing— at an octave that has not yet been wholly accessible to earth beings. And it is with this hearing that you can more easily connect with the planetary family beyond me.

The four of us, me, (Saturn), Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto prepared our insights and have given them to Ellias to share. (No pressure Ellias, you know this!) So register! Click the button and let’s talk.


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