Oriental New Year 2023 — The Year of the Cat

A 1 Night Teleclass with Ellias Lonsdale
Dates: January 19, 2023
Time: 8-10pm EST. 7-9pm CST. 6-8 MST. 5-7 PST. 3-5 HST.
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$49 – Classes + Recordings
$69 – Classes, Recordings + Transcripts
$55 Transcripts Only
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The Class

In case you are wondering if we made a mistake announcing The Year of the Cat because the popular, mainstream belief is that it is a rabbit year, no, it is not a mistake.

It is the Year of the Cat. 2023 heralds the fine-tuned subtle senses of the cat and her Angelic realm connections, guiding and opening us to becoming a pristine source for celestial intelligence in sync with earthly instincts and intuitions of what is vital, real, and true.  Angels are a pivotal soul spark, a soul-speak partner with cats. And what is being granted ascendency in the new year is this angelic aspect. The cat world will be tuning in with us and mediating our guidance from Angelic hierarchies.

The stars are especially aligned with the Year of the Cat. In the spring we will get a preview of the Living Future with Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius, letting us know what the future holds and how to drop in here deep enough to feel it and sense it naturally from the inside. 

The Cat Year is asking us to return to a vision and remembrance of this life as an open system—open to what happens after death, open to other worlds, and open to the inside. The Cat with her gifts, grace, and multifaceted senses is at the door. May we let her in.

Join Us

In this two-hour gathering, let us come together and usher in the Year of the Cat and all her offerings. The Cat is urging us to show up as she will teach us to listen in depths and ways only a Cat knows how.


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