Healing Session with Sheila

Sheila Bachmeier is passionate about healing and evolution. She is here to help you with whatever you need in those dimensions. She started with nature as a young girl, playing and learning from the woods. Everything speaks; everything has a voice when we learn to listen. And she learned to listen.

She will open her shaman’s bag and intuit in the moment what you need. Maybe it’s an energy shift your soul is calling for, a deep dive into a star spark, or the silence between the words that opens the space for change and growth. Whatever the case, the conversation will do its magic. There is no said formula, technique, or process. We are all different and require different areas to be healed, to be uprooted, to be whatever moves the destiny forward, and the deep dwelling of the soul knows best.

It is her work with the sacred magical child that has connected her more deeply to the invisible spirit realms. Through the sacred magical child an awakening comes to jumpstart our innate instincts inside our own body’s chemistry into healing in whatever format and dimension that is in alignment with the soul’s cycles and rhythms. It’s about timing, it’s about evolution and oneness, and it’s about becoming who you really are, who you really agreed to be before birth.

Have the perfectly timed conversation.
Give her a call 234-567-3408 and set up an appointment today!

$111 for an hour session.