Oriental New Year Update 2022—Year Of The Tigress

1-Night Teleclass w/ Ellias Lonsdale & Moderated by Sheila Bachmeier

DATES: July 28, 2022

TIMES: 8-10pm EST.  7-9pm CST.  6-8 MST.  5-7 PST.  2-4 HST.
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Energetic Update — The Tiger Year is taking us too far over the edge and not far enough into the grit and heart of the real. Much of the external culture is hell bent and sway to retrogressive forces, stimulating chaos and confusion with the sense of a backward slide. The Tigress follows a future instinct that can lead us homeward, but she is flattened by false civilization. The Tigress needs our help in opening the space ahead for discovering what is possible in impossible times and places.

The Tigress craves a different kind of adventure where she has the space and freedom to play and become wholly alive again. The scenario collectively is multidimensional and filled to bursting with evolutionary possibilities and old, dead-end despondencies. The key here is to realize bone deep that whatever we perpetuate out of the past is becoming a dead weight and that we need the living future to give us a chance.  We are right in that place now where everything comes out in the open and we cannot deny it. We must move with it.


The registration period is from 23 Jul,2017 08:00:00 to 29 Jul,2022 20:00:00


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