Oriental New Year 2019 — The Year of the Earth Boar

Shift gears with us out of the Earth Dog Year in to the Earth Boar year.

Fire up your engines and get ready to pull forward out of all that has been into a New Energy that can catapult us into a New Adventure, one of heart and soul. Let’s go!

The teleclass details.

When: January 29, 2019 (Tuesday)
Time: 8-10pm EST; 7-9 CST; 6-8 MST; 5-7pm PST; 2-4 HST
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Cost: $49 for class and a downloadable recording sent the next day.
$65 for class, downloadable recording and digital transcript.
Transcript: This class will also have a digital transcript available 48-72 hours after the class for a cost of $16 that will be emailed to you.
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You do not have to be present on the call to register or purchase the digital transcript. It’s ok if you can’t make the call! Just register.

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The class.

Each Oriental New Year and its animal holds a theme, a cycle, and an energy that if you can flow with it and go with it can be life changing. The Year of the Boar is about to charge into our lives and it is best to be prepared and equipped with ways to navigate this powerful, rooting, deep-digging, get-to-the-bottom-of-it animal. The Boar is our bridge, our transition into the next decade of the 2020s. A pivotal extreme. The Earth Boar is a no nonsense, get down to it and excavate what’s missing that will bring you further into unity, into that unified field. The Boar is coming, can you hear hooves pounding and feel the Earth shaking? An exciting time is upon us. Can you go there? Will you come with us?


What is the Year of the Boar, really?
What does the Boar mean for your life?
What to expect on the collective scene?
What the Inner Worlds and Realms are saying about the Boar Year?
What major Star Cycles will be working with the Boar?
Where is the Boar Year leading us?

In the words of Ellias Lonsdale:

“In order to go from Dog to Rat, from slow inside to rapid fire everywhere at once, we have the transitional Year of the Boar. It’s a year to head toward whatever remains of our core destiny vision. It’s the year to cast off semblances, used up husks, that which we cannot carry with us into the new time. Something is surging through us of the New. This is the year for the Great Adventure. For there is this thrust of impassioned activation open to all!”

Join us.

We are in the last year of this decade—2019. In numerology this is a 3 year, a Mars year, a year of action, a year of movement. Move with us and register for an event, for an experience whether on the call or by recording and transcript.

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