Sheila Bachmeier

I was born in the very humble and majestic Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia. It was here my small feet received the beginnings of their true footing.

In 1971 we moved to a 125-acre wooded farm in Ohio. Growing up as an only child among hay fields and woodlands, wild flowers and Queen Anne’s Lace as tall as my legs, the shade of a massive oak tree and animals of many kinds, I learned to play a different way. Alone, but never alone, I played with the land and all her inhabitants, visible and invisible. These were my childhood stomping grounds, my classroom, my haven. 

My school years were filled with high academic achievement, the marching band, the flag corps, and cheerleading in my small rural town. These formative years, however, led me to Nursing School at both Kent State University and Arizona State University where I graduated Summa Cum Laude.

The jump from the Heartland to the desert was a bit of a culture shock but much needed for soul growth. I practiced nursing for ten years in the hot, dry desert at Maricopa Medical Center in both Labor and Delivery and the Medical Intensive Care Unit. Birth and death and healing were central figures to my growth and expansion. The mountains, the sunsets, the people and the feeling of impermanence in the desert loosened me up in all the places I needed to loosen to begin to allow transformative energies through.

I married in my late 20s, starting another facet of my life. On the heels of my marriage a spiritual quest ignited in my being. And, from that point on everything became about healing, soul recovery, and evolution.

In between raising children and restoring historic homes and everything else woven into the mix I studied and practiced just about everything from A to Z in the esoteric/shamanic realms. To take my studies further, I entered the world of writing, editing and publishing, both of the written word and of the spoken word in the format of teleclass development. I have co-published titles with North Atlantic Books and my own small and growing publishing company, DoLiv Publishing.

My passion is the soul, is healing, is the shadow, is Heaven and Earth, is growth, is purpose, is destiny, and overall is coming to wholeness. My future plans are to continue to write books, edit, and publish and to offer teleclasses in alignment with these passions and to help others do the same. Star Genesis Wisdom is a doorway that leads to all these ways and paths for those who want to enter. All are welcome.