The Year of the Dragon 2024

A 1 Night Teleclass with Ellias Lonsdale
Dates: Tuesday, February 6, 2024
Time: 8-10pm EST. 7-9pm CST. 6-8 MST. 5-7 PST. 3-5 HST.
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$49 – Teleclass + Recording
$69 – Teleclass, Recording + Transcript
$55 Transcript Only, No Recording
You do not have to be live on the call to purchase and receive recordings.
The recording will be sent direct to your inbox within 24 hours after class.
Transcripts will be sent via email by February 20, 2024.


The mystical, magical Wood Dragon blows the blues away and opens the door for Pluto to move into Aquarius. This is it. This is that moment. There is a connection and timing here not to be missed. A clarion call to remember, to return to center, and to join forces with our brothers and sisters to take flight in that revolution in consciousness we started so many Moons ago. Freedom rings in the wings and winds of the Wood Dragon.

The Dragon Call

It is time to restore what we have lost. A major shift from one world to another is upon us. A decision point. Awakenings, visions of clarity and conviction breathes through the Wood Dragon into us, giving us shoes of courage and strength to walk our true path. And who better to usher in these unique winds of transformation? She will light up the black sky and lead us through to places we once could not see. Those ones we have yearned for. The Wood Dragon will help us follow our star. For this is a tide of good fortune and boundless grace.

Ellias’ Note

If we miss the Wood Dragon call, it’s because we are too heavily in the grip of the old and the attachment to what’s no longer here. We are asked to raise our frequency to stretch our horizons to empower distinctive qualities and gifts previously marginalized. The summons is to arrive in full splendor on the planetary scene and cleanse the door of perception to see with new eyes and feel with whole heart. This requires our vision to be sufficiently empowering to send us firmly on our way where we can follow the light, dissolve our resistances, and get our feet back on a higher path that encompasses all the world.

Come Together

This class is a guide to answer the Wood Dragon call. It’s time to fully merge with the unique mystery of the Dragon and once and for all get to our core spark. We will have to strip off our masks remaining and let the Dragon’s fire burn what must go so we can feel our pure essence. We will have to hold still and be present in the Dragon’s breath and ancient wisdom. Let’s come together and watch the smoke clear and the great mystery appear.

*Please note this is the kindest of Dragons. The one with empathy and generosity of spirit on a grand scale.
Love, Ellias & Shestarah

Refund Policy

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